History of information technology

Many people are sure that information technology came with computing machines. However, this is incorrect. Human speech is considered the first carrier of knowledge. Later, the speech was transformed into writing. Clay, stones, papyrus and paper became carriers on which ancient men wrote the first information through symbols and primitive letters. After printing was invented, the speed and volume of information transfer increased and different sciences appeared.

The emergence of information technology

Consider the formation of IT, from the past centuries to the present day.

1st stage

The first technologies of mankind are such inventions as books, paper, inks and feathers. The means of exchange of information was mail. However, in the 17th century, scientists began to develop tools that formed the basis of the creation of mechanised IT. In 1830, a scientist from England named C. Babbage identified the foundations of computing machines. This period gave a start for the development of IT, which laid the foundation for future great developments.

2nd stage

Later, IT became mechanical instead of manual. The main tools were the phone, typewriter and phonograph. At the end of the 19th century, electricity was invented, so the telephone, the telegraph and the radio were invented too. They started sending data in large quantities in minimal time. Now, information could be transmitted to a huge number of people simultaneously far away. In 1876, the first telephone conversations were made. In 1896, the first computer was produced.

3rd stage

In the second half of the 1940s, the creation of the first electronic-computing machines began. This period is marked by the active development of IT. Further, developers began to create more sophisticated software such as typewriters, copiers, and portable tape recorders. In 1944, the first programmable computer began to function and was created in America.

4th stage

In 1970, the electronic revolution in the IT field began. Large computers with various software began to improve. The first personal computer was developed, and later, data transmission systems began to appear. Specialists began to develop the first programs on computers, the number of which increased every year. Computers have become part of many families and are no longer inaccessible or inaccessible. Their cost has not become as high as before and is quite affordable for most families.

5th stage

The new period of development of IT occurred in the second half of the 80s. Now, personal computers are equipped with a lot of different programs. Specialists pay great attention to the development of artificial intelligence and telecommunications. Now, many consumers have access to technological tools for household, cultural and personal tasks. Of particular note are the knowledge bases that have helped large numbers of people to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge. Computers began to appear in schools, universities and other educational institutions. Also, new professions appeared in the field of programming.

Information environment today

Information environment today

In today’s world, visual programming is actively developing and new instrumental technologies are emerging. The Internet offers many new opportunities. In a virtual environment, you will be able to educate, shop, work and communicate with many people around the world. There is no expert who can predict future discoveries with precision. However, there is a possibility that humanity is on the verge of discovering new technologies today that will change our future. Now, you know how information technology has evolved, as well as what is today, they are in a state of continuous improvement.

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