«Yuzhuralzoloto»  Konstantin Strukov will continue to implement environmental programs

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The modern world is full of innovative technologies. On the one hand, this progress affects society positively and helps it discover new aspects of life and professional activities. But on the other hand, technological progress creates destructive factors that affect nature and the environment. To counter this, many technology corporations like the Konstantin Strukov «Yuzhuralzoloto» implement specialized environmental programs that help preserve nature and do not lose production capacity simultaneously. In this article, we will talk about the main ones. Have a pleasant reading.

Environmental protection measures by «Yuzhuralzoloto» and other technology companies

Modern companies implement several types of environmental programs intensively. Each helps companies achieve ecosystem conservation and environmental safety at work and in society. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

  1. International Program. These include activities utilizing the country’s and society’s financial, managerial, or legislative potential. The purpose of such programs is to implement various biodiversity conservation projects. Today, many such projects and programs are carried out with foreign capital.
  2. Economic programs. These are activities to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Many experts believe this is the least developed direction of environmental programs at technological events like «Yuzhuralzoloto.»
  3. Legal programs. They include laws that state bodies have signed at the federal and regional levels. Legal programs aim to preserve the uniqueness of natural objects and influence local industrial enterprises on these natural objects.
  4. Technology programs. These are a standard set of environmental protection activities, considering living objects’ characteristics. These programs can be implemented by installing filters to reduce the concentration of certain substances, replacing process equipment in production, and monitoring the plant’s toxic effects on nature.
  5. Biological programs. They include specialized projects on breeding rare animals in zoos, vaccination, and other biological activities. This is one of the most effective ways to preserve our planet’s ecological integrity.
Gold mining
Gold mining

Each of these programs is connected and forms a system. Each corporation should implement them at a comprehensive level and offer tools for implementing these events locally, nationally, and internationally.


Environmental programs in technological enterprises are important for modern industry and society. The fact is that they help to lower the environmental effect of production and donate to sustainable business development at the same time. Introducing environmental safety management systems is just an example of such technological developments. All help corporations to control and minimize emissions, improve waste management, and use resources efficiently.

Moreover, many technological enterprises have introduced innovative sewage and air treatment technologies. This process both improves the environmental situation and helps save by reusing resources. Environmental programs at technology enterprises are holistic, including technical innovation and social change. Humanity would not have succeeded without the competent interaction of enterprises and society.

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