Cloud technology

In the modern world, cloud technology has become very popular. People can use these tools not only for personal purposes, but also for business. What is the reason for this incredible popularity of this service?

The essence of cloud technology

Cloud computing is a distributed data processing technology that allows a user such computer power and resources as an Internet service. This tool provides computing resources and programs to solve personal IT-tasks.

There are three types of cloud services:

  • IaaS (infrastructure as service) provides access to basic computing resources. It can use them to create unique applications and operating systems.
  • PaaS (as a service platform) allows you to create programs on hosting provided by the provider. The user does not have access to the operating system. Only the platform interface is available.
  • SaaS (software as service) is a ready-made solution placed in a cloud. The user will not be able to do anything that the developers did not anticipate.

Thus, the differences between the types of systems are in the depth of immersion in the system and the settings that the user accesses. Consumers most often choose SaaS as a convenient and simple solution. PaaS and IaaS are designed for developers. Only advanced users can use them to create personal applications.


Using cloud computing will give you several advantages:

  • access to personal information from any computer connected to the Internet;
  • ability to work with data on the basis of various devices;
  • popularity of free web applications in place of paid programs;
  • no need to update the software on a regular basis;
  • no need to purchase expensive equipment.

There are various cloud services. Among them, several popular are exist, such are:

  • iCloud. Apple’s gadgets have long appreciated the benefits of this cloud storage. This platform saves user content on online servers and then delivers it to devices using Push technology.
  • OnLive. It is a gaming service that will allow you to play modern games on a computer with low performance. Any gamer will be able to pay a fixed fee and access applications stored on the server.
  • Google Play. This platform helps users store content. Here, you can place several thousand music compositions free of charge, digital products purchased in the application store. Users have access to a resource from any computer or smartphone on Android.

Cloud technologies and platforms will help developers speed up the process of creating programs and delivering software to the consumer. Many users accessed their data from almost any device connected to the network.

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