Features of MIMO tech

The story of MIMO technology started not so long ago, but the popularity of this technology grows every year. This tool is already useful for wireless communication systems, and programmers use it to improve the quality and speed of the transmitted signal. What is the peculiarity of this technology?

MIMO technology: its story

In the late 1990s, the issue was about the creation of a method that would allow data to be received between devices without the use of additional connectivity. In 1997, a primary design was developed in which a signal of 2.4 to 2.4 GHz was up-to-date. The speed of data transmission was 2 MB/s. At that time, this achievement was considered a great success.

By 1999, researchers had developed equipment that increased the number to 52 MB/s. Wireless technologies have developed and continue to improve even today. MIMO is a technology designed to increase the speed of data transmission by reducing noise resistance. People use it in various wireless networks.


MIMO translated as Multiple Input Multiple Output. MIMO techs are a method by which the bandwidth of a channel is increased on the basis of the use of a channel with two or more antennas, the main purpose of which is to receive and transmit data. Thus, in one frequency range, there is much more data, and this influences the speed positively.

MIMO is used in networks such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE. Initially, people considered this tool to be ineffective in use. Nevertheless, the advent of SMART equipment made this technology necessary.

In this article, we will describe several features of Wi-Fi technology MIMO. First, it allows you to improve wireless networks through the large covering. The signal is emitted from multiple antennas that have routers or Wi-Fi access points.

Another feature is that there are advantages to wireless stability. This prevents the bad influence of the signal surges on the connection. The method was designed to enable users to increase the productivity of wireless communications.

Special equipment is a necessary aspect in the process of applying all MIMO capabilities. The antenna used transmits and receives the signal in two places at once. This phenomenon is called polarisation. The antenna has at least two connectors, so users will need multiple cables to connect to the router. As a rule, the standard design only accepts a signal in vertical polarisation. This can cause some data to be lost. MIMO antennas no longer have this disadvantage.

Most modern Internet routers have this tool in their device. It is also part of 802.11n-compatible routers. MIMO was created to make the wireless network cover better and more stable because it has a positive effect on the quality and speed of the connection.

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