How to encrypt the USB drive?

Encrypting drives is an increasingly popular procedure by which data can be secured. The encrypted item can only be accessed by someone who knows the password, so it is effortless yet effective protection. Suppose you put a password on your USB because you are an active user of cryptocurrencies and have essential programs on it (for buying and selling assets, scalping, and so on). In that case, it makes sense to additionally use a cryptocurrency mixer to ensure yourself the highest level of privacy. is an example of such a service: with its help, you can confuse the traces leading to your wallet in no time, so you will not have to worry about your data getting to third parties.

How can I encrypt a USB drive?

There are several ways to do this. The most popular is to use special programs. Some are built into Windows, and some come as separate applications. As for pre-installed programs, BitLocker immediately comes to mind. But it is worth noting that this utility is only available on relatively modern versions of this operating system. So, BitLocker can be found in Windows versions 8.1, 10, and 11. If you own any of the above-mentioned versions, select the “BitLocker” option with a mouse click. The program implements the whole process quickly and easily, but you will be required to do a few things before. For example, choose an encryption algorithm and generate a unique password. The less memory your device has, the faster the encryption will be. Usually, the entire process takes only about a few minutes.

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Other encryption methods

If you do not have one of the above versions of the operating system, the first step to encryption is to choose and download special software. There are many different utilities: some are paid, and some are free. As for the specific list, the following programs can be highlighted:

  1. VeraCrypt – is one of the finest encryption tools. The program is characterized by its low weight and broad functionality.
  2. EncryptStick – works similarly to VeraCrypt and is almost as good as it in terms of functionality. It can encrypt drives and protect folders with passwords.
  3. Rohos Disk Encryption – works by creating encrypted volumes, which provides an excellent level of protection.
  4. Gilisoft USB Stick – uses AES 256 encryption, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data when using this utility.

In most cases, encryption programs work similarly: you select a disk type, create a new partition, and then initiate the encryption process. By default, most programs will offer the AES algorithm. Once you agree with the suggested algorithm, the system will start the process. Once it is finished, the utility will (as a rule) provide you with the generated password itself – you will have to save it somewhere. It’s best to do this on a physical medium, such as a piece of paper, to reduce the chance of theft to zero.

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