Bluetooth Technology: the history of its origin and development

Wireless techs first happened thirty years ago. It is possible that we would be living in a different world now if it weren’t for Bluetooth and WiFi, which were once developed. However, the initial creation of Bluetooth technology was very complex, starting in the early 1990s. However, their attempts were unsuccessful, but the world needed such a useful tool. That’s why, then, a lot of the big producers came together, even though it’s not their style.

Bluetooth name and technology history

Ericsson is a Swedish company that was responsible for the creation of this technology officially. In 1994, it built a monument to the Scandinavian king named Harald Bluetooth in Lund. During his reign, he united the Norwegian and Danish lands, and he was subsequently given the status of the most intelligent and courageous head of state. This is why the administration of the Ericsson brand decided to remind the people of the Scandinavian peninsula of this king and to develop a new radio interface at the same time. It eventually received the Bluetooth name.

In the process of development, engineers were to create features of this technology such as:

  • flexibility;
  • support for communication and voice;
  • ad hoc connection installation;
  • ability to ignore interference from other sources;
  • compactness to help users use it in mobile devices;
  • low energy consumption;
  • a small cost for producers.

The design of the project was very successful, but the end result still did not meet all requirements. That’s why, in 1998, Ericsson brought the best minds from Toshiba, Nokia Corporation, Intel and IBM to work on new technology. In 1999, the world saw a new technology like Bluetooth 1.0.

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Bluetooth growth

  1. In 2004, version 2.0 was introduced. And it allowed users to increase the speed of data transmission to 2 MB per second. At that time, Bluetooth was an excellent performance, with other advantages.
  2. In 2008, new enhancements were introduced that increased the protection of the transmitted information and reduced the consumption of electrical energy.
  3. In 2009, Bluetooth 3.0 was released. Then, the speed of data transmission reached WiFi level and users were able to easily and quickly transmit videos, music, photos and other large files between two devices. In addition, the developers have introduced a new EPC technology that allows information to be transmitted without loss of speed, even if any mechanical obstacles appear between the devices.

Then, in 2010, version 4.0 was released, in 2014 version 4.2 one, in 2016 it was 5.0. Currently, the developers are creating a new, sixth version. Based on these indicators, we cannot deny the usefulness of the technology, which has now become very popular in the field of IoT. At the same time, large producers make it easier to interact with these tools. It is for this reason that you can start the Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers free download, and then, this application will help you easily connect all the devices of this manufacturer with this tool.

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