Main Achievements and Developments of Freedom Finance Technologies

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Freedom Holding Corp is a renowned international investment holding company serving a vast client base of over 230,000 individuals across the United States, Europe, and Central Asia. Its strong commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive financial services has established the company as a trusted partner for investors seeking to expand their financial horizons.

Operating under the well-established Freedom Finance brand, the company offers a vast range of financial services and solutions tailored to meet the personal needs of its clients. Freedom Finance Technologies is at the heart of Freedom Holding Corp, a diverse and multinational team dedicated to developing cutting-edge technological solutions and robust infrastructure. These innovations enhance the investment experience and enable clients to make informed financial decisions.


A notable achievement of Freedom Finance Technologies is the successful development and launch of the Tradernet trading system. This innovative platform empowers users to access brokerage services through a user-friendly web trading platform and mobile applications. Tradernet provides users access to various financial instruments across asset classes, including stocks, ETFs, futures, options, and bonds. Thus, it offers comprehensive investment options, enabling users to diversify their portfolios and capture market opportunities.

In addition to its brokerage services, Tradernet also provides essential tools such as a CRM system, back-end tools, exchange gateways, and APIs for seamless integration with websites, payment systems, and automated KYC/AML systems. This ensures clients a smooth and efficient trading experience, enhancing their ability to manage their investments effectively.

Financial application
Financial application

To expand its reach and provide accessible financial services to a broader audience, Freedom Holding Corp introduced Skybank and Freedom Finance Banks. These online and mobile banking platforms cater specifically to Eastern European and CIS community residents. Integrating these platforms with the broker infrastructure allows users to seamlessly fund their trading accounts and withdraw funds to their debit or credit cards without incurring commissions. This integration of banking and brokerage services simplifies clients’ overall financial management process, making it easier for them to navigate the world of investments.

Freedom Holding Corp also developed the Freedom24 apps for Android, iOS, and Huawei devices, bringing investment power to users’ fingertips. Through these intuitive applications, individuals can open investment accounts with Freedom Finance, buy and sell stocks effortlessly, and submit applications to participate in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features of the Freedom24 apps ensure that clients have easy access to investment opportunities and can manage their portfolios conveniently.

With its wide range of services, commitment to technological innovation, and dedication to client satisfaction, Freedom Holding Corp continues to empower individuals to seize investment opportunities, expand their financial horizons, and achieve their long-term financial goals confidently and with ease.

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