Best Modern PHP Frameworks

For the past two decades, the PHP programming language has deservedly been in the leading position in the field of web development. Currently, about 80% of all Internet projects are powered by PHP. This easy-to-learn and master language allows developers to quickly create large-scale websites and web applications that are highly secure and easy to administer.

Nowadays, developers of web resources increasingly prefer to use frameworks in their work, as this allows them to create websites and applications from ready-made elements, just like in Lego.

Over time, some frameworks have become more popular and more commonly used in the developer community. Why did this happen? Why did some PHP frameworks become so popular among developers and web project owners?

The advantages of popular frameworks become obvious if we look at their characteristic features.


The Laravel software platform is the absolute leader in today’s web development market. It is an open-source PHP framework that started its journey to success in 2011.

According to the founders of Laravel, the goal of their project was to give web developers a simple and convenient platform for creating unique Internet resources with the functionality of any complexity and scale.

Of course, they managed to achieve this ambitious goal. The Laravel framework was recognized as the best in the ratings of 2020 and 2021.

  • The framework is especially popular when developing online stores and B2B portals.
  • It is widely used by professional internet agencies and web studios.
  • It allows developers to reduce the amount of work by using ready-made solutions.

The main reason behind the popularization of frameworks was the ability to quickly and inexpensively create professional-quality web projects, which was especially important for businesses.



As it always happens, although there is an almost perfect Laravel, some developers prefer something else simply because they have different approaches to work and specific ways of thinking.

The Yii PHP framework was created in 2008 and also had as its main goal to simplify and speed up the development of Internet resources. The platform has a specific component structure that makes development easier.

Another nice feature is its code generator, which allows developers to create basic structures from scratch and then build unique solutions for individual projects on them. And obviously, the framework would not have become so popular among professional developers if it did not provide an increased level of security for websites and applications.

The Yii framework is good for e-commerce projects.


Symfony is a time-tested PHP framework that has proven its reliability and practicality. In other words, it’s “old but gold”. The Symfony project was created in 2005 and since then has deservedly been a leader in web development.

The Symfony software platform is significantly more complex than those described earlier and contains many more libraries and ready-made solutions.

Developers use Symfony to create the most large-scale projects that have high requirements for interactivity, cybersecurity, stability, and performance.

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