The Most Demanded and Popular JS Frameworks

The current trend in web development is now frameworks; these are software platforms based on ready-made standard solutions. They significantly reduce the amount of routine work to do and the amount of code to write. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, developers build applications from ready-made functional blocks and add code only if the required element has not yet been created.

Popular JS frameworks are primarily used in front-end web development to create interactive functionality for websites and applications that would be responsible for the usability of online services

In recent years, the role of front-end web development has become especially important due to increased competition in the digital market. Consumers are spoiled with offers and go to more advanced competitors at the slightest inconvenience.

Three factors influence the demand for JavaScript frameworks:

  • Availability and simplicity.
  • Ease in working on client projects.
  • The pleasure of creativity.

In this area, professional programmers working in Internet agencies and web studios decide the question of demand themselves.


The React framework has been steadily gaining popularity since 2016. It is a handy and efficient JavaScript library for developing user interfaces (UI) from the Facebook media platform.

Its special feature is the backward compatibility of applications. Interactive solutions from previous years remain relevant and do not stop working after the release of new updates.

According to the data of the previous two years, React developers were the highest-paid JavaScript specialists. The high salary of programmers has become an indicator of the project’s popularity.



Vue.js is the No.2 front-end web development framework that aims to speed up the building of usable and beautiful user interfaces. It is a complex ecosystem with a root library that allows developers to create large-scale single-page applications of any complexity.

According to GitHub, Vue.js beats React by 4,000 stars in terms of ease of user interface development.


The “young but rapidly developing” and very promising framework from Google has attracted a lot of attention of programmers by 2020 by greatly simplifying the process of building web applications (which they like best).

The platform allows you to quickly and easily make mobile applications and web interfaces, as well as application programs for desktop computers and laptops.

Moreover, the creators of Angular have simplified the vocabulary development and prepared an intuitive interface for beginners and a full-fledged graphical console for professional developers.

For those who want to learn the art of front-end development for the first time, experts recommend starting with the most popular JavaScript frameworks, since they are popular for their ease of use.

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